Abigail + Jared – Cincinnati, Ohio wedding

I got the privilege to head to Cincinnati to film my first wedding of the year.  Abigail and Jared were so fun to work with.  It was cool to see them get married at such a young age yet still starting on a solid foundation.  It was clear the day wasn’t about them, it was about God’s work in their lives.  
The ceremony took place at St. Elizabeths Chapel in Norwood, Ohio. This is a huge old church that must have been a couple of hundred years old.  The detail on the stained glass was incredible. The reception was in a neat old brick building called Longworth Hall in Cincinnati that looks at one time it may have been a large factory.  
It was fun working with the husband and wife team at Alison Kamper Photography.  They had a great personality and were easy to work with.  If you get a chance be sure to check out their work. Also a big thanks to Brett Varvel at Timeless Pictures for telling the couple about me.
Congrats to Jared and Abigail, it was great spending the day with you.

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A Recap of the Year 2012

I’ve said many times it’s amazing how much you get to know a couple after spending the day with them. And even more, the hours sorting through footage in the editing. After each wedding is finished, packaged up and shipped off I really feel like I’ve known the couple for years. I have really been blessed this past year to meet so many gifted, amazing, inspiring couples, along with parents, grandparents, friends and family.

2012 was a busy year to say the least. It was a fun year. My little 2000 civic (with no cruse control) and I put some miles behind us. Here are some cities we visited.

Bloomington | Carmel | Chicago | Cincinnati | Cleveland | Indianapolis | Shelbyville | Zionsville

I thought it would be fun to come up with a few awards. After hours of compilating, here are a few 2012 awards I came up. And the winners are…

Most Authentic Wedding – Kim+Justin

Most Memorable Wedding – Jacyln+Dan

Most Unique Wedding – Heather+Ryan

Most Stylish Wedding – Ashely+TJ

Most Fun Wedding – Anastasia+James

Most Intellectual Wedding – Chris+John

Most Captivating Wedding – Lindsey+Chris

Most Hilarious Wedding – Christa+Will

Most Romantic Wedding – Kylene+Eric

Most Emotional Wedding – Sara+Aaron

Most Inspirational Wedding – Shannon+Nick

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Jaclyn + Dan – Cleveland, Ohio Wedding Videographer

Here is a bit of the backstory. Jaclyn and Dan were on the fence about getting a videographer for a while. She looked in her area but couldn’t find the right fit. So she expanded her search to Indianapolis and came across my website. She wasn’t sure if was going to work out, then about a month before the wedding she sent me an email that started out like this:

We absolutely would love for you to be our videographer!!!!!!!!
This day keeps getting more special and I would hate to not have it documented!

As of today, this was the furthest I drove to a wedding, but it sure was a blast. It was my first time in Cleveland, Ohio. They arranged me with a room at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, which was the same location as the reception.

Dan and Jaclyn were great to work with and I learned so much about them during the day. It’s amazing how much you can learn just during their gift exchange. It was also really fun working with Kortnee Kate photography out of Cincinnati. Thanks again to Jaclyn and Dan for choosing to go with a wedding film, I hope this helps you remember this wonderful day for a lifetime.

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Ellie is 3!

3 years! It has really gone fast. At every birthday party we play a little video with some of the highlight moments over the past year. So Ellie has 3 videos so far, year 1, year 2 and now year 3. So when she is 18 hopefully she’ll have 18 mini videos if I can keep this up. Happy 3rd birthday Ellie!

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Monica + David – Indiana Landmarks Center

Everyone once in a while I’m at a wedding were everything seems to run smoothy. This was one of those. And I’m sure it helped having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, which was the lovely Indiana Landmark Center. It was great running into the amazing makeup artist Kathy at Faces by KLM. And for the first time I worked with the husband and wife team of Rogue Art Photography and boy they were so talented and easy to work with. View Monica and David’s wedding photos here.

It also was such a smooth day because of the couple. Monica and David were awesome and just fun to be around. Monica’s mom is right, they have such a great relationship with their family as well as friends. It was neat to see the bond between Monica and her dad, it is special. I hope they can look back at this video every anniversary and reminisce.

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Merry Christmas

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