Ellie is 3!

3 years! It has really gone fast. At every birthday party we play a little video with some of the highlight moments over the past year. So Ellie has 3 videos so far, year 1, year 2 and now year 3. So when she is 18 hopefully she’ll have 18 mini videos if I can keep this up. Happy 3rd birthday Ellie!

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Monica + David – Indiana Landmarks Center

Everyone once in a while I’m at a wedding were everything seems to run smoothy. This was one of those. And I’m sure it helped having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, which was the lovely Indiana Landmark Center. It was great running into the amazing makeup artist Kathy at Faces by KLM. And for the first time I worked with the husband and wife team of Rogue Art Photography and boy they were so talented and easy to work with. View Monica and David’s wedding photos here.

It also was such a smooth day because of the couple. Monica and David were awesome and just fun to be around. Monica’s mom is right, they have such a great relationship with their family as well as friends. It was neat to see the bond between Monica and her dad, it is special. I hope they can look back at this video every anniversary and reminisce.

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Merry Christmas

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Chris + John – Indianapolis Conrad Hotel Wedding

On October 26th, I got the chance to spend the day with Chris and John. The ceremony was at the beautiful St. John’s Church downtown Indianapolis and the reception was at the Conrad Hotel downtown as well. It was a loads of fun. Both Chris and John stayed very calm and were so comfortable to work with.

Amanda and Stephanie did an amazing job with the reception at the Conrad. And it is always great working with my friend Joel from Track Seven. I think my favorite part were all the toasts. They had several and they were all very good with heart and emotion. Thanks for the memories and best of luck for many years to come.

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Heather + Ryan – Zionsville Plum’s Upper Room

When I first met Heather and Ryan I could tell their wedding would be full of meaning and purpose. Heather said they wanted to have a smaller wedding without some of the glitz and glamour and focus on what joining two people together is all about.

The ceremony at St. Joan of Arc church was beautiful.  It’s probably one of the biggest churches I’ve filmed in.   And the reception in Zionsville at the Plum’s Upper Room was perfect.  It was actually the first time I’ve been to downtown Zionsville and wow, that is a cool area.  If you get a chance you should check it out.

It was awesome spending the day with Heather and Ryan, I was so comfortable throughout the day and it was so easy to work with them.  I hope you enjoy this for years to come.  Congrats Heather and Ryan.

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Christa + Will – Chicago {Garfield Park Conservatory}

I got a chance to film my first wedding up in Chicago for Christa and Will’s big day. It was a blast. We took a bus around the city for photos and ended up at the Garfield Park Conservatory for the ceremony and reception. It was beautiful. It was a bit a chilly for an outdoor ceremony, but they passed out blankets to the guests and it was worth it for the photos and video.
I love it when couples write their own vows and you’ll see they added plenty of humor and emotion during the ceremony. I’m so thankful Christa and Will found me to be apart of their day. Congratulations!

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