Lindsey + Chris – Indiana Landmarks Center

Lindsey and Chris have to be the nicest couple I’ve met so far. I know I may have said this before, but really they are sweet and madly in love. Just as Lindsey’s dad said, if you don’t know their story, you should. Chris has known Lindsey for over 20 years until he finally got the courage to ask her out. And they pretty much knew on the first date they were going to marry. Here they are, on Friday the 13th, at the Indiana Landmarks Center tying the knot. Which by the way, the Landmarks Center is one of my new favorite venues. Not only is it nice having the ceremony and reception in the same building, the building is beautiful. I believe it was an old church, recently remodeled. It was also great working with Jessica Strickland, be sure to glance at the photos here.

Just take a look for yourself and see the love Lindsey and Chris have for each other and even more important, God. It was a pleasure being invited to your biggest day. I’ll never forget it. And if it gets a little burry over the years, I’ll watch this again.

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Indianapolis Children’s Museum

First time I’ve been to the Children’s Museum in a long time. First time for my kids and niece Abby.

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Meghan + Ryan – Laurel Hall Weddings

Laurel Hall is another one of those hidden gems in Indianapolis. This place has been a beautiful home, a girls school and is now an amazing wedding venue. Laurel Hall is tucked away from the road near Fall Creek and 56th Street. I think I found the venue for my daughter’s wedding, I better start saving.

I was really looking forward to this wedding with Meghan and Ryan. They are a sweet couple in love. As you’ll see in the video, the toasts were amazing. It’s not often you hear from the mother of the bride and it was a pleasure to hear the emotions coming from her voice. Meghan and Ryan, thank you for choosing me to help capture the day.

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Jessica + Scott – Indianapolis Wedding

Jessica and Scott, well what can I say… Some weddings have planners, but this was a wedding where Scott and Jessica along with family and friends put a lot of hard work and time to make it happen. And not only did this couple pull it off, but they pulled it off well. It’s not everyday you come across a couple that first met in the church like Jessica and Scott. This strong foundation will give them a marriage built on solid ground with the Lord as their number one priority.

I like the shot of the flower girl coming down the aisle and meeting up with her proud mother. I also love the reaction on Jessica’s dads face when she hugs and kisses him after the ceremony. But most of all, I think when Scott’s brother mentions that their dad is looking down on them and smiling, was my favorite part of the day. Jessica and Scott, may the years to come be filled with even more joy than this special day.

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Kelly + Patricio – Conrad Indianapolis Wedding

Going to a wedding with a live band is always fun. This day started up on the north side at their Catholic Church. It was beautiful. I thought it was hilarious when Kelly was putting Patricio’s ring on, must have been one size too small, haha. But like Patricio said, the highlight of the day was the poem by Kelly’s father. It had me laughing and almost in tears at the same time. It’s always great working downtown at the Conrad, seems like I’m there a few times a year. It was also great working with Brock from SB Childs Photography, see some of the amazing photos here. Best wishes to Kelly and Patricio!

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Anastasia + James – Hawthorns Country Club

I love going up to Fishers at the Hawthorns Country Club for weddings. It’s a great venue and for a videographer it’s nice because everything is in one location. The guys even get ready in a room right next to the girls before the ceremony. Working with Jennifer at Baby Grace Photography was a first for me and was a pleasure to see her in action.

I had a lot of pressure editing this piece with Anastasia and James. Not only to improve on each wedding I shoot, but because I think Anastasia is my biggest fan on Facebook and I didn’t want to let her down. Not to sound cheesy but this was a wedding where I could feel the love, especially during the first dance. When I met with Anastasia and James at Starbucks I felt so comfortable and I could tell their wedding would be a blast. And it was.  Congrats to the both of you!

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