Top 10 Wedding Films of 2011

2011 was a great year, thanks to everyone who were apart of it.  Here are the top 10 wedding videos I created, ranked by the number of online views.  Starting with #10

10. Blythe + Nate

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Kaitlin + Adam – Omni Hotel Downtown Indianapolis

December 10th, yes the day IU basketball defeated #1 ranked Kentucky, I was downtown Indianapolis shooting Kaitlin and Adam’s wedding. It was the first wedding I’ve done at the Omni downtown and boy is it beautiful. Honestly, this was one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve ever been apart of. They served filet and I had a couple coronas at the end of the night. But it wasn’t great because of the amazing food and cold drinks (that helped :)), it was because everyone was so excited for this day to happen. Ever wonder what happiness looks like? Just watch the film and count how many times the couple smiles or laughs. Thanks Adam and Kaitlin for inviting me, and I hope you had a blast in Mexico. Lucky.

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Erin + Andrew – Lafayette Indiana Wedding

“There are very few things in life that you’re sure of, and this for me is one of them.” -Erin

It’s always fun to travel out of town and for this wedding I went to two cities. Monticello for the ceremony and Lafayette for the reception. I’ve been lucky this year to see amazing events, eat some great dinners, and most of all, meet some incredible couples. Erin and Andrew are one of them. Them and their family were great to be around. I’ve never had the mother of the bride bring me a glass of wine, it was great. Congratulations Erin and Andrew.  By the way, can you tell Erin is a reporter?

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Blythe + Nate – Springfield, Illinois Wedding

I got a chance to do my first out of state wedding with Blythe and Nate and it was a blast. I’ve never been to Springfield, Illinois and apparently Abe Lincoln is a big deal there, haha. As you’ll see the church had that old historic look and the reception was at the State Fairgrounds. It was beautiful and defiantly worth the drive. After the pastor tells them to join hands, watch the handshake Nate gives, very funny. It was great working with Blythe and Nate, best of luck.

Springfield wedding videographer
Springfield wedding videographer
Springfield wedding videographer
Springfield wedding videographer
Springfield wedding videographer
Springfield wedding videographer
I am literally speechless!!!!! The video you put together was even more than I thought we would get!!! You did an AMAZING job of piecing together the best moments of the day!!! Yes, you got lots of tears out of this girl!!!! We can not thank you enough for the AMAZING job you did!!! You were so great to work with Matt!!! Cannot thank you enough for making the trip to Springfield. This video will be one of our most prized possessions for the rest of our lives!!! You have a beautiful talent and I’m sooo glad we got to be a part of it!!! Thank you again for all that you did!!!! I know I’m a little bias, but I think it’s one of your best videos as well!!!! Seriously….a million thank you’s!!!!! :) :) :)

I also can’t believe you got this done so fast…especially with your new addition!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!! I haven’t shared it with everyone YET….We’re going home this weekend and I want to watch it WITH as many family members as possible!! But trust me….EVERYONE will be seeing it soon!!!

Please thank your wife as well for letting us take you away from Indy so close to the due date!!! :)

I look forward to seeing lots more of your beautiful pieces of art in the future!!!

Blythe & Nate

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Ariana Ryan Kiefer

10.8.11 7:27pm

7lbs 6oz 21″ long

After 9 months of pregnancy, 30 hours of labor and intense pain that still hasn’t gone away, the world welcomes the one and only Ariana.

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The Creek – Welcome Video

I got a chance to put together a welcome video for my church. This will replace an audio file and will go into the welcome package for Creek visitors.

Audio file licensed through the music bed
Equipment used:
Canon 60d
Sigma 18-50mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
Glidecam HD4000

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