Dutch + Bobbie – Family Celebration

I spent an afternoon with Dutch and Bobbie Ber, as they joined together in covenant of marriage. It was a small gathering with their children and grandchildren. They worshipped, gave vows, received communion, and served a wonderful meal. Together with their family, they exalted Jehovah, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Dutch and Bobbie are willing to serve the Lord through their lives wherever He may lead them. Congratulations Dutch & Bobbie.


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  1. Patricia Murdock says:

    Bobbie and Dutch, thank you for sharing your wedding video. I cannot tell you how deeply moved I am by the amount of genuine love I could feel with your families. What a blessing it is to find someone equally yoked. May you both continue to live in the imagine God wants for you to be, not only for your family but to all that crosses your path. You two will make a powerful team! It’s been one of my biggest joys to have had you as a inspiration Bobbie. I pray that God remains strong in all of your lives. Congratulations to all of you! Your story, your video will touch many! The best is yet to come! Peace and love!

    Cynthia Murdock

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