Erin+Kyle – Indianapolis Arts Garden Wedding

I’ve never been to a wedding on NYE, let alone filmed one. This was a day to remember for sure. Erin and Kyle were great to work with and everything seemed to go smoothly. Luckily it wasn’t that cold out and I was thankful to get some outdoor footage in the middle of winter. Erin and Kyle, thanks for letting me be apart of your evening! And thanks for choosing me as your Indianapolis wedding videographer.


You were right. I couldn’t wait. I drove to Kyle’s office after one of my meetings and we huddled up in his cubicle to watch it together. We cried (well, I cried), we laughed and we sat in awe of how you captured our day so perfectly. You know I work at a TV station, my standards were a little higher than most. You surpassed them, Matt. Having something to hold onto is priceless, but I am most excited about taking it to Pennsylvania where my Grandmother will see me get married for the first time. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.


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  1. krystal says:

    The flower girls are so cute and wish you happy forever.

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