Jamaica Mission Trip Video

This is a Jamaican mission video for CSI Ministries. The goal was to show people around the world what a CSI Jamaican mission is all about and inform future missionaries about the new direction the CSI Team is taking with project R.A.I.S.E.

Several months ago my friend Aaron asked if I would be interested in producing a video for CSI Jamaica, and I thank him for this opportunity. Although being away from my wife and little girl was difficult, the trip will be one I’ll never forget and God opened my eyes while spending a week with the Jamaican people. It was great to travel on a vacation while serving with a purpose.

Jamaica Mission Trip
Jamaica Mission Trip

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4 Responses to Jamaica Mission Trip Video

  1. megan tibbs says:

    i can’t stop crying. you have done an amazing job. i have been on 2 trips to jamaica with csi and am preparing to lead a team from my own church next summer. we are having a missions sunday next month and i would like permission to share this video with my congregation and also to print a few photos from this page as posters to display at my area during out celebration……
    you can email me back or call or text or facebook me.

    again, fantastic job on the video and photography.

  2. megan tibbs says:

    ps i was wondering who the tall guy was in kristi’s photo albums on facebook lol

  3. ashlie says:

    Once again, Well done Kiefer! Simply fantastic.

  4. Sherry Axline says:

    i just returned from my first mission trip with traders point christian church- it was an amazing, life changing time! thank you for the beautiful video- we are having missions sunday tomorrow at tpcc and will be sharing with the church this wonderful mission

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