Jessica + Scott – Indianapolis Wedding

Jessica and Scott, well what can I say… Some weddings have planners, but this was a wedding where Scott and Jessica along with family and friends put a lot of hard work and time to make it happen. And not only did this couple pull it off, but they pulled it off well. It’s not everyday you come across a couple that first met in the church like Jessica and Scott. This strong foundation will give them a marriage built on solid ground with the Lord as their number one priority.

I like the shot of the flower girl coming down the aisle and meeting up with her proud mother. I also love the reaction on Jessica’s dads face when she hugs and kisses him after the ceremony. But most of all, I think when Scott’s brother mentions that their dad is looking down on them and smiling, was my favorite part of the day. Jessica and Scott, may the years to come be filled with even more joy than this special day.

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