Laken + Greg – Mavris Wedding

This was one of the best wedding ceremonies I’ve heard. Maybe because the officiant was a great speaker or even more likely because she was a family friend and really knew Laken and Greg. There was humor, stories and tears. It was one of my favorites and I made it a point to let her know. It’s amazing how much you learn about a couple just from spending one day with them. But it’s true, you learn a lot. It was great spending time with Laken and Greg, and it was fun seeing them a couple more times this summer at other weddings. I think they know everyone! I’m sure I’ll see you again soon! Congratulations and may this video help you remember the amazing day even more.

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  1. Marti Lundy says:

    This was so beautifully done! It was a joy to work with you that day and I would love to officiate a wedding that you are capturing again!

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