Laura + Conner – Union Station Wedding

Having the opportunity to film this wedding was an unusual story. Photographer Molly Conner recommended me and when Beth (the mother of the bride) was checking out my website she came across a photo of my dad, her cousin. So long story short, we are related. I’ve been to Beth’s house before and swam in her pool! Small world. It was fun filming a wedding where my parents, grandma, aunts and cousins were apart of the guests.

And as far as Conner and Laura, they have an interesting story as well. They’ve know each other forever (I think like 7 years old) and as I believe they both only dated each other. As Laura says, “it’s always been Conner.” It was obvious to tell the strength of their love by spending the day with them. It was also cool to see the close relationship between Laura and her sister. My daughters are about the same age apart and I hope they are close in the same way.

It was great working with Molly Conner and fun shooting my first wedding at the breathtaking Union Station. It was also a pleasure working with wedding planners Marie Frey and group with FCCI Weddings, they were on it all day and even gave me a little timeline folder 🙂 And it’s always fun working with and hearing the live music from the Endless Summer Band.

Enjoy. And best of luck to Laura and Conner, you’re off to a solid start!

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