Mark + Melissa – Conrad Indianapolis Wedding

It was kind of ironic how I met up with Mark and Melissa.  Amanda at Conrad passed my name along as a wedding videographer and then I found out she was marrying Mark Myers, a friend I went to high school with over 3 hours away.   During the first dance I could hear Melissa say, “I can’t believe how fast the day has gone, ” and it did go fast, probably because we all were having a great time.  I think it was the most fun I had filming a wedding.  Maybe it was because I was hanging out with some familiar faces like Mark’s brother Craig and the Concord Minuteman 3-point star Tom Martin, or maybe it was having a blast in the limo with the crew.  The colors, flowers, dresses, everything was beautiful. I like how Melissa’s dad said, “I thought her favorite color was pink, then I found out today it was hot pink, there is a difference!”   We also got a special treat to hang out in the 7 million dollar Conrad condo, which was where the first look took place.  By the way it was a privilege shooting with Fine Art Photographer Jessica Strickland. Amazing work, check out Mark and Melissa’s photos here. I want to give a special thanks to my dad for coming along to help out.  I know Mark’s grandparents couldn’t make it down for the wedding, so I truly hope this video will make them feel like they were here.  Best wishes, Mark and Melissa.

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