Sara+Raef – Skyline Club Wedding

It was great getting to know Sara and Raef on December 18th.  It’s neat to see the power of God working in their young lives.   I think my favorite part of the day was capturing Sara’s dad’s whisper before giving her away, “I know that your picked out for Sara, but promise me you’ll take care of her.” Thanks for choosing me as your Indianapolis wedding videographer.

Thanks SO much, I saw it — it’s perfect.  Really Matt, I am SO thankful we hired you to make our video, the day passes by so fast, and you forget the facial expressions and words said, and this captures all of my favorite parts of the day in 12 minutes. – Sara

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5 Responses to Sara+Raef – Skyline Club Wedding

  1. Ed Kiefer says:

    Very nice story telling. Great footage. Excellent lighting. The bride, groom and her father have perfect faces for a silver screen movie. She reminds me of Betty Davis.

  2. Ed Kiefer says:

    Or Kathrine Hepburn.

  3. Ella Campbell says:

    Miss Sara,
    I was in your class in fourth grade and just now tracked you down, you were and are Alexandra’s and I’s favorite teacher! We really miss you and your wedding still touches my heart. You were the best teacher we ever had and you always will be! I am so happy you found love and you are happy! I am currently in 6th grade yet Alexandra and I still miss you! Hope you like Chicago!

  4. Ms. Sara

    This is Sawyer and I am in the sixth grade now and i want you to come back to Indianapolis!!

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