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“Dad started it in 1976.” ~Dan
“He started with just a pickup truck and some tools from his dad’s shed.” ~Bob

Wasson Nursery is a family owned business that started in Union City, Indiana and recently expanded to Muncie, Indiana.  It’s a very organized place, I thought, and a lot bigger than I expected.  While in the greenhouses I just kept walking and walking.

“Any regulars?” I asked. Dan replied, “Ya, like that guy right there, he’s a character, he’s in here hassling us everyday.”

There was this feeling of family in the atmosphere.  I’ve never been to a business where an owners son was passing out steak K-Bobs and hotdogs to the customers.

“It’s something that we are really proud of and we hope everyone can see that by our quality and service we provide.” ~Bob Wasson

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